I am a student, currently studying Internet Communications/Professional Writing, Editing and Publishing, at Curtin University. I'll swear, not always be right, often be vacant, never structured, and will overload you with Doctor Who, my favourite gaming references, books, authors, and random shit. However, I'll also try to share with you some of my writings, thoughts, musings, and insight into who I am. I hope you're not bored so much that your ass separates itself & moves on. Enjoy, I hope.

“I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.”

— Hunter S. Thompson

School children in front of a church, Wagga Wagga Region, New South Wales
ca. 1912
- Booth, Abraham Valentine, 1867-1933


School children in front of a church, Wagga Wagga Region, New South Wales

ca. 1912

- Booth, Abraham Valentine, 1867-1933

I’d very much like to own all of these. Please, and thank you. #want #need #musthave

I’d very much like to own all of these. Please, and thank you. #want #need #musthave

Twitter Reply

When Marieke Hardy replies to my tweets…all is good in the world. Shhh! Don’t tell her I said that. 


Imageis for Mornings…at dawn.

      It’s around 5am when the blaring shriek of the alarm penetrates the silence of slumber. Our bodies unlock, and he kisses my forehead before his morning groan.I am convinced that this groan is necessary in the lurching of his body from the bed. For the next half an hour we spend our differently. Him: a circling tornado of finding pants, socks, shoes, and all those ‘get ready’ things. Me: A sleep-like mass of perpetual moans, groans, tosses and turns. There’s no real need for it, but somehow it prepares me in the knowing that it will be another hour before I can return to sleep. 

     All those things aside; being woken up, and my inability to sleep in anything more than stagnant silence. I do love our mornings together. I get to be greedy, as he places thousands of kisses on my forehead each time I groan or wiggle about…both of us knowing perfectly well that I’m not falling back to sleep until he leaves. And his final goodbye, after the several before, that lets me know he’s actually leaving this time.

    “Bye, You.”


…is for lounging.

He sits, staring at his smartphone, paperwork and various documents scattered across the top of the briefcase he’s using as bench, transferring funds backwards and forwards between accounts. The workers need to be paid, the checks need to be banked, and the work never stops.
Picking up the iced glass, filled to the brim with whiskey, he taps my glass before taking a big gulp.
“Ahhhh!” He sighs, whiskey bubbles still lingering on his lip. Turning to face me, grinning.
“That’s some good drink.”

These moments have become a regularity for me. Spending time together, while not spending time together. Peaceful. He’s as dedicated about his drink, as he is for his job and his family. Silently passionate about the things he cares for.

Rolling a cigarette, he glances over at me and smiles.

“You ready for another drink, Girly?”


Imageis for Kickin’ back.

No, not today. Today I have an assignment to finish and work to attend. The kickin’ back will start on the 1st of May. Oh, May…I think that I love you. I’ve taken holidays from the 1st – 13th of May. Typically, this is because of the Wagga Gold Cup Race Day that occurs on the first Friday of that month, and with my birthday being the 7th of May, the Cup has become somewhat of a Birthday tradition. This year is not different, aside from the fact that I am now going to be spending five luxurious days in Narooma on the south coast with my In-laws. With the Misters birthday being on the 6th and mine on the 7th, it’s perfect. 

The last holiday I went on was 13 years ago to Noosa in QLD. It was such a good trip; laying on the beach, drinking in the sunshine…doing all of those holiday kickin’ back things. I’ve forgotten what a beach holiday feels like. So, to say that my derrière isn’t twitching with excitement…that would be an understatement. 

Been on any memorable holidays?


Imageis for “Just Another Day.”

Yes, yes, you’d be correct in assuming that I, ShannyAnnyHootinAnny, am being dramatic. The past twelve hours have been somewhat…a pain in my left butt-cheek. Not because of anything overly dramatic happening, just trivial things that cause ruptures in my mellow state of mind. After work last night, getting to sleep around 1am, awake at 5:30am while the Mr got up for work only to fall back asleep and re-wake at 9am, get home to my place by 10am, make coffee, attempt student-portal-loggin…


Yep, looks like this chicken-little wont be attempting to complete any of her ASSignment today. Which is, as I’ve previously mentioned, a massive pain in my left ASS-cheek. 

Also, apologising in advance, as I am writing this for my Friday post…so you poor buggers will be reading this jargon filth a day after I’ve already managed to get over myself. Still, I needed to post something for Friday…and seeing as I will now [hopefully] be spending that day hunched over my computer creating a thesis that isn’t [hopefully] made of pond-scum, you poor people have to cop-this as being some sort of post with substance. 

On a side note, moving quickly away from ^that^ rubbish [sorry, again], I’m hoping that next week will be “creative writing” week. Yep, I’m going to try and do a weeks worth of made up stuff. I’ve not “written” anything for…bugger me…so long, but I need to. I miss turning the swirling hum of ridiculousness that accumulates my mind-space, into something that is mildly consistent; hopefully, entertaining. 

*tries to login* 


On that note, before I carry on with my whining, I’ll leave you beauties be. 

I hope you’re all getting through this challenge. I’m loving all of the new blog sites I’ve found. 



Stop the Snore

tactic 1: random bursts of high-volume shrieks, in the direction of the offender. Result: slight murmur and temporary lapse.

Tactic 2: clap hands together in order to shock the offender. Result: arm flings up and lands on your face.

Success! Tactic 3: embrace your inner mermaid/man & squirm like a fish on a hook. Result: offender moves & stops the snore.


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